Public Relations Experience, September 2012- current: The Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment

This entry showcases  a selection of press coverage coordinated by myself in my role as Public Relations Director for the Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment (CASE), a statewide student coalition uniting 8 Alabama Universities for the increased economic and ecological sustainability of the state of Alabama.

All press advisories/releases were written by myself and then distributed to a 250+ register of local, state, and regional paper and digital news outlets.

Hyperlinks in this document will take you to the original copy of each press advisory/release and to actual press coverage on outside sites.


*Indicates I was responsible for conducting phone, email, or radio/television interviews with press for the coverage.

**Indicates I was responsible for setting up press tours and photo shoots for the coverage.

***Indicates I was responsible for coordinating a press conference or public forum for the coverage.


After CASE Reed Minerals No. 5 Mine Petition Campaign Release

9/10/2012: “1500 opponents sign on to stop new strip mine”, Mike McClanahan, CBS 42

* 9/11/2012: Opposition continues to Reed and Shepherd Bend mines”, Jesse Chambers, WELD for Birmingham

* 9/11/2012: Mine on Warrior River ‘not a good deal’”, Daniel Gaddy, Daily Mountain Eagle

After CASE Summit Release

1/5/2013:Student environmental group targets Shepherd Bend mine project” by Evan Belanger, Birmingham News

1/6/2013:University of Alabama emerges as last hope to stop controversial Shepherd Bend mining site”, Ben Raines, Birmingham News

After CASE Statewide Sustainable Investment Project Kickoff Release

* 1/16/2013: “UA student environmental group hopes to help grow number of green projects on campus”, Chris Pow, The Tuscaloosa News

1/16/2013: “Alabama Students Unite for Green Investments on Four Campuses”, David Rickless,

* 1/17/2013: “UAB student group pushing for ‘green’ fund”, Yann Ranaivo, Birmingham Business Journal

* 1/28/2013: “Roll tide, roll green? Alabama college students push for “green fund” projects”, Martin Swant, The Huntsville Times

1/30/2013: “UA ECo money to fund ‘green projects’“, Alan Alexander, The Crimson White

* 2/06/2013: “Environmental Council funds projects“, Ellen Coogan, The Crimson White

After Reed Minerals Mine No. 5 Letter-Writing Workshop Release

* 1/26/2013: “Cordova mine opponents, students, host letter-writing event today”, Jesse Chambers, Birmingham News

* 1/26/2013: “Opponents of Cordova mine push letter campaign”, Associated Press, CBS 42

1/27/2013: “Mining opponents hosting workshop”, James Phillips, Daily Mountain Eagle

After University of Alabama, Auburn University Sustainable Investment Project Workshops Release

2/07/2013:Weekend Workshops at UA, AU Campuses Generate First 700 Student Signatures of Support for New Campus Sustainable Investment Funds“, Gwen Deru, The Birmingham Times

2/08/2013: “EAO launches campaign for sustainable investment fund“, Chelsea Harvey, The Auburn Plainsman

2/11/2013: “University of Alabama must step up its environmental game“, Lauren Pratt, The Crimson White

2/11/2013: “UA’s opportunity for increased sustainability is now“, Sorelle Wyckoff, The Crimson White

After CASE Governmental Relations Campaign Kickoff Release

*2/10/2013:Coalition of Students for the Environment Visit Alabama State House“, Glynn Wilson, The Locust Fork News Journal

2/11/2013: “CASE Student Representatives to Support Sound Environmental Policy Every Week of Legislative Session“, Walter Lewellyn, WELD For Birmingham

After “Indian Springs School Youth Water Policy Program Debut” Release

2/13/2013:CASE to Support Youth Water Policy Study at Indian Springs High School” , Walter Lewellyn, WELD For Birmingham

**  2/26/2013: “Water policy develops“, William Singleton, WELD For Birmingham

After “Businesses, Environmentalists to Unite at Youth Water Policy Workshop” Release

** 3/25/2013: “Students Working on State Water Policy“, Mike McClanahan, CBS 42

**4/09/2013:Students with environmental concerns hold discussion at Indian Springs School“, Sonya DiCarlo, CBS 42

After “Over 75 CASE Student Delegates to Voice Drinking Water Concerns at State Capitol” Release

4/01/2013:Alabama Students to Bring Clean Water Concerns to the Capitol“, David Rickless,

4/08/2013:The future of our drinking water“, William Singleton, WELD For Birmingham

**4/10/2013: “Indian Springs School students travel to Montgomery“, Sonya DiCarlo, CBS 42

After “Students Celebrate Successful Clean Water Lobby Day” Release



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