Experience: Complex Media Event Coordination

I have had some great success in coordinating complex media events to showcase organizational progress.

The first media event I coordinated was on behalf of the City of Montevallo. I worked with fellow students and B-Metro Magazine reporters Jesse Chambers and Edward Badham for a feature piece on sustainability and community activism in Montevallo. For this event, I organized two all-day tours of the community, with multiple destinations, public speakers, and photo opportunities throughout.

This is a copy of the agenda I created for the media event:

B-Metro Tour of Montevallo

This is the feature article itself:

08/01/2012: “Montevallo Vibe” by Jesse Chambers, B-Metro Magazine

The second media event I coordinated was for a collaboration between Indian Springs School and the Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment (CASE). To support the work of ISS 8th-graders statewide water policy development project, I brought in all business, environmental, and public health/policy stakeholders involved in a nearby water use issue. Due to the controversial nature of the water use issue (a proposed coal mine adjacent to a drinking water intake for approximately 200,000 people) this media event was a unique opportunity for CBS 42 camera crews to document the unique perspectives of all stakeholders as they responded to questions from our students.

Here is the footage of the event.

A week later, we brought CASE and ISS students to Montgomery to participate in an all-day Lobby Day and press conference. I and my team were able to have CBS 42 and several local reporters present to document a panel discussion on the importance of clean, lasting drinking water for the Greater Birmingham region.

I facilitated the proceedings, and also accommodated guest speakers Senator Priscilla Dunn (D-Jefferson) and Representative Mary Sue McClurkin (R-Indian Springs) with opportunities to address the students and members of the press.

More information pertaining to my coordination of the Lobby Day event itself can be found in the “Experience: Large-Scale Lobbying Events”

Here is the footage of the event.


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